Licensed Swedish Bodyworks Opportunities Are Ongoing throughout the United States.

Licensing is the Small Practice "Franchise Alternative"

Swedish Bodyworks™ is NOT a franchise.  Swedish Bodyworks™ is a License to use the Swedish Bodyworks™ name and its proven "client centric" systems and products.  In other words, Licensing works best when your company has a line of  unique products and services to distribute.  More specifically, money is made as you (the Licensee) continuously purchase product and services from  Swedish Bodyworks™ (the Licensor).  In short we do not receive royalties and using this business model there is no concern or standard set forth for how the your business operates.  In a sense, Swedish Bodyworks™ Therapeutic Massage is the "franchise alternative" because a business can operate based on its own, best business practices.

What Do I Get?

Licensing opportunities afford you the use of the trademarks, products and systems for for various products and systems like; LypoSlim®, Swedish Bodyworks™ Therapeutic Massage Systems, Lypossage® and LypoSpa® Products.

About Swedish Bodyworks™

Swedish Bodyworks™ Therapeutic Massage is owned and operated by; Lypossage esthétiques International, LLC (LEI, LLC), whose managing partners are Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT and Katherine F. Wiltsie, LMT.  Swedish Bodyworks™ has been in business since 1988 and is a successful, scale-able licensing opportunity with the Theapeutic Massage Industry.


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Licensed Swedish Bodyworks Opportunities!

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